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The choice is clear



  • Will fight to keep development in-scale and protect Winter Park’s heritage and charm

  • Will quickly complete the improved Orange Avenue Overlay

  • Will standardize up-zoning notices to residents and build consensus before controversial Commission votes


  • Consistently voted in favor of massive development — including the largest upzoning in Winter Park’s history

  • Failed to inform our residents by mail of the Orange Avenue Overlay’s irreversible increases to building size and height

City Commission Meeting 01/16/20

New Library and Financial Management 


  • Supports a state-of-the-art Library but believes the project should have met the voter-approved
    budget and size: a $32 million project with a 50,000 square foot Library
    Phil will ensure that future projects are managed responsibly and transparently


  • Approved increasing the Library Project budget from $32 million to $42 million and shrinking
    the Library building size from 50,000 square feet to 36,000 square feet — $10 million more
    expensive and 30% smaller

City Commission Meeting 01/27/2020

Playing Fields and Parks


  • Saved Cady Way Park, added facilities at Lake Baldwin Park, saved the West Meadow for greenspace, expanded Shady Park, built WP Community Center, and co-founded the Winter

    Park Land Trust

  • Supports advance funding for our playing fields to improve conditions for our kids

WP Department of Urban Forestry Management, email dated 02/04/19
New Library Project Construction Documents

City Commission Meeting 12/09/20


  • Dramatically decreased green space in Martin Luther King Jr. Park and cut down 100+ trees including 63 protected trees

  • Did not invest in much-needed improvements to our playing fields

Traffic and Parking


  • Will implement a 21st century traffic plan that includes traffic models, redesigned intersections, synchronized traffic lights, alternate transportation options, and improved connectivity

City Commission Meeting 01/27/20
City Commission Meeting 01/16/20


  • Compounded parking shortages by removing promised parking garage from New Library Project

  • Did not solve safety, traffic, or parking problems as part of the Orange Avenue Overlay

Public Safety and Political Leadership


  • As City Commissioner, led the way in saying NO to Police and Fire Department staffing cut during the 2008 Recession

  • Keeping residents safe has and always will be one of Phil’s top priorities


  • The Winter Park Police Department was understaffed by 9 officers at the end of opponent’s
    final term as City Commissioner

Public Email Dated 08/05/2020

Citizen Representation and Putting Residents First


  • Supported Charter Amendment 7 in 2020, which allows the Mayor AND Commissioners to

    make Citizen Advisory Board Appointments

  • Will appoint board members who reflect our residents and our neighborhoods


  • Opposed Charter Amendment 7 and said it was trying to “fix a problem that doesn’t exist” — despite there being no people of color

    serving in any of our 120+ Citizen Advisory Board positions at the time

  • Opposed amendment being voted on by residents and

    believes ONLY the Mayor should make board appointments

City Commission Meeting 01/27/2020

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