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Big Weekend for Our Campaign to Put Residents First

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This past weekend was huge for our campaign to put residents first and protect Winter Park's charm. We had two incredible events that were made possible by an amazing team of volunteers.

On Saturday, more than 100 volunteers showed up (safely in their cars) to our Door-to-Door Blitz! We visited thousands of homes in every neighborhood across the City to deliver campaign literature.

On Sunday, we delivered 400+ yard signs to our supporters all over Winter Park. A yard sign in your yard is a great way to show your friends and neighbors that you support Phil's vision for the future: a Mayor and City Commission that truly represents the residents of Winter Park! If you'd like a yard sign, email me at or visit the "Join Our Team" page at

Thank you to the volunteers who made these events happen!

It's you my friends, family, and neighbors that inspired me to run for Mayor. With your support, I promise to protect Winter Park's unique charm and put residents first at City Hall.

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