Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Updated: Feb 21

Recently, I was privileged to participate in the Chamber of Commerce Forum.

Several social media posts and emails have been circulating about events following the Forum.

Regarding the Forum, I was shocked and offended by the final question and the Chamber’s decision to air it due to its high level of inappropriateness.

Afterward, I spoke firmly to the Chamber’s President about the Chamber’s decision to air the question. Moments later, I apologized directly to her, and never did I intend to cause her any distress. Since this occurrence, the details and the issue have taken on a life of their own. Allowing this issue to become more than it was benefits no one, especially the residents of Winter Park.

The Chamber of Commerce and our campaign have discussed and resolved the matter. We have agreed to move forward in a more positive direction. Toward that end, we share in the following statement:

Joint Statement from the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and the Phil Anderson Campaign:

“Following an unfortunate incident at the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Candidate Forum this past Friday, the Chamber and Phil Anderson’s campaign have come to terms with the matter and look forward to placing it behind us in an effort to bring our community together. The Chamber thanks Mr. Anderson and Ms. Sprinkel, the two mayoral candidates, for participating in the Forum.“

The Winter Park City Commission has chosen to take up the matter of the inappropriate question and has asked the Chamber for an apology. The Commission has also asked to meet with the Chamber Board in a workshop to discuss how the City and the Chamber can address the relationship and work together going forward.

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