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Putting Residents first

A Business Leader


Tom Ackert

Nargges and Hossein Albekord

Barbara Allen

Kim Allen

Kent Taylor and Chuck Almand

Debbie Amdur

Vera Z.  Andersn

Sharon and Axel Anderson

Barbara and Bob Anderson

Jack T. Anderson III

Rachel Andre

Patti and Steve Appel

Judy Arnett

Kim Ashby

Janet Atkins

Karen and Dell Avery

Daniela and Andres Ayala

Karen Barber

Michael Barimo

Drs. Sandra and Gary Barker

Barbara and Tommy Beck

Dolores and John Beck

Jackie and Bruce Becker

Jill and Bob Bendick

Lauren Berlin

Robin and Bill Berzak

Mary Black 

Julie and Bruce Blackwell

Patty Blake

Barry Bloom

Elise and Warren Bloom

Sandra and Erich Blossey

Janice and David Blumberg

Karen and Arthur Blumenthal

Scott Bodie

Glenda and Van Bogan

Sandy and Jim Bogner

Sally James and Jay Boleman

Carey and Doug Bond

Elizabeth Bosserman

Andrew Bott

Jeannie and John Bowers

Barbie and Steve Boyd

Todd Boyer

Sharon and Steve Bozarth

Sara Brady

Sherry and James Branch

Wendy Brandon

Margie Bridges

Celeste Brown

Maria and Paul Bryant

Christine and Hans Bucheli

Valerie and Norman Burke

Laura Burst

Anne Burst

Rose Bynum

Kate and Bob Byrne

Ingrid and John Campbell

Alden Campbell

Brian and Myrna Canin

Dede and John Caron

Linda Carpenter

Joan Cason

Rona and Joe Castiglione

Carol and David Cavanaugh

Linda and Mike Cegelis

Linda Chapin

Judy and Ned Chatelain

Evelyn and Larry Chew

Leslie and Vince Chiarello

Diane Clarridge

Beth and Dave Cocchiarella

Donna and Guy Colado

Ray Colado

Suzannah and Billy Collins

Sharon and Paul Conway

Patricia Simmons and Tom Cook

Carolyn and Ned Cooper

Ed Coutant

Wendy Cowan

Phil Cowherd

Tommy Cullens

Joyce and Jim Cunningham

Nehemiah Curnock

Lee and Marlee Cutler

Penney Cutter

Sunny and David Daly

Susannah and Tom Dance

Christine and Frank Davi

Laura and Jeff Davis

Sherry and Ed Davis

Laurie Davis

Cindy Dawson

Sheila and Dan DeCiccio

Amy and Marc Demers

Kim and Brian Den Beste

Maggie DeVane

Barbara and Gary DeVane

Kimberly Devitt

Priscilla Church and Michael Dick

Mimi and Dave Dickinson

Ricky Dinkins

Mary and Robert Dipboye

Ava Doppelt

Tasi Hogan and Jeremy Dorsett

Ailish and Don Doyle

Karen and Don Doyle

Durlene Drake

Ralph Drtina

Suzanne and Dr. Steve Dukes

Eileen Duva

Rebecca Eagan

Hoyt Edge

Linell and Vern Ela

Muriel and Ron Ellman

Janice and Seth Elsheimer

Bee Epley

Shan Atkins and Jim Erbs

Linda and Leif  Eriksson

Elizabeth and Phil Eschbach

Pat Estes

Andrea Scudder Evans

Sonny and Art Fedrigon

Vanessa Felix

Chris Fenninger

Bonnie Ferguson

Colleen and Thomas Finwall

Dorianna Atkinson and Jim Fitch

Bob Flemming

Sally Flynn

Susan Flynn

Mimi and Dick Ford

Carroll and Wayne Franklin

Scotty Frantz

Sam and Rick Frazee

Nancy and Mark Freeman

Sookie and Walter Fritz

Debra  Galbraith

Nancy and Mike Galyean

Mary and Hilton Geartner

Hal and Theresa George

Jane and Charlie Gibbons

Ann Gillet

Christine and Keith Girand

Debbie and Lee Glaser

Jensi and Dale Gobel

Terri Godsell

Sarah Grafton

Beverly and Harl Graham

Kathryn and Bud Grammer

Pat McDonald and Barry Greenstein

Anne Cochran Grey

Shannon and William Gridley

William C. Grisaitis

Donna Gropper

Edye and Ed Haddock

Inevett and Bob Hahn

Karen and Bob Halback

Laura and Jeff Hale

Beth and Charlie Hall

Martha Bryant Hall

Denise Hammond

Mary Ellen Handley

Glenna Harmon

Michael Harrell

Suzy and Howard Harris

Martha Haynie

Bill and Christie Heavener

Ruth and John Heine

Ann Hellmuth

Davis Helsby

Edmond R. Henderson

Barbara and Bob Hicks

Ann and Richard Higbie

Holly Hill

Chele and Kent Hipp

Charles Hodges

Sue Hoeksema

Susan and David Holland

Leslie and Dr. Dick Holloway

Jim Kragh

Jane and Drew Krecicki

Vicki Krueger

Linda and Charles Kulmann

Mr. and Mrs. John Kurash

Ann Lacambra

Elaine Laegeler

Dee Lamar

Lauren LaMarr

Janne and Jack Lane

Coralia Leets

Bob Lemon

Nancy Lilley

Susan Lilley

Nina Locke

Rita and John Lowndes

Ricky Ly

Jennifer Lyons

Cindy and Alex Mackinnon

Denise and Gavin Mackinnon

Deirdre Macnab

Paula and Drew Madsen

Linda and Tony Manzonelli

Sue March

Fran and Dr. Tom March

Cameron March

Tinker Marsh

Andy Marshall

Patti and Greg Marshall

Sue and Tom Masselink

Will Holmes

Janet Hommel

Diane Homrich

Alicia Homrich

Leah Hornik

Al Hudson

Carol Hughes

Karen Jacobs

Karen and Dick James

Sally James

Carlton Johnson

MarySarah Johnson

Denise and Wayne Johnson

Lori and Jason Johnson

Mark W. Johnston

Aimee and Michael Kakos

Deb and Wayne Kalish

Jeff Karasch

Cathy Karunaratne

Lisa Keating

Kathleen Kiely

Sandy Kimball

Ellen Kimbrough

Kay and Orman Kimbrough

Marilyn and David King

Dr. Cathy and Sam King

Kristen and Chris King

Marta Kitograd

Kristi Klein

Andrea and Philip Kobrin

Sue and Tom Masselink

Judy and Lee Maynard

Cam McCarthy

Alison and Dr. James McClelland

Clair and Andy Mccorkle

Ruth McDaniel

Miles McDonnell Jr.

Martha McHenry

Susan McKenna

Anne and Doug McReynolds

Meg and Peter Mendoza

Linda and Ken Merbler

Barton Mercer

Kyle Meyer

Judith Meyers

Harry Meyers

Forest Michael

Robert Miller

Marti Miller

Pat Miller

Hannah and Wade Miller

Barbara and Peter Minderman

Evanne and John Mines

Trudy Mitchell

Lennon Moore

Dee and Paul Morgan

Bob Morris

Lucy Morse

Laurie and Rich Mosier

Meredith Murphy

Kimberly and Kristopher Murphy

Mark Murphy

Ann Hicks Murrah

Nancy and Ken Murray

Charles Namey

Salam Namey

Jane and Jon Neumayer

Betsy Nichols

John Nico

Charlotte and Dave Nielson

Andrea and Joe Niemann

Linda and Nort Northam

Kevin O'Rawe

Jocelyn Amalong and Richard Oehmler

Bonnie Osgood

Ruth Owen

Betsy and Paul Owens

Nancy Reed and John Page

Jackie and Harry Pappas

Vanda Parish

Deede Sharpe and John Parker

Kristin and Stephen Pategas

Deb Peck

Anna Pepper

Pamela and Dr. Calvin Peters

Megan and Dr. Kendall Peters

Tiffany Petkov

Ivanka and Boris Petkov

Peggy and Jack Rogers

Carol and Bill Rosenfelt

Nancy and Dr. Scott Rotatori

Pamela and Mark Roush

Rick Rudy

Midge Ruff

Brian Runz

Pam Saffran

Paul Saint-Pierre

Asia and Tom Saltmarsh

Carrie and Dr. Virgil Sanchez

Cathy Sawruk

Debbie and Mike Sawruk

Jerry Schiffhorst

Christina Schloot

Marty and Paul Schmid

Patty and Steve Schoene

Bill and Sara Segal

Polly Seymour

Sonia and Monte Shoemaker

Robin and Bobby Simmons

Liz and Tom Sims

Kathe and Brad Sittman

Cindy Skolfield

Sandy Skolfield

John Skolfield

Susan Skolfield

Andrea Smith

Aimee and Michael Spencer

Jean P. Sprimont

Marni Berger Stahlman

Lucy and George Standridge

Charles Steinberg

Maureen and Jeff Stephens

Sydney Stern

Susan Pins and Allan Stevenson

Susan Bright and Larry Stevenson

Debbie and Jim Stockton

Lucy and David Strong

Maura Smith and Marty Sullivan

Grace Sutte

Jackie and Rod Sward

Kay Sweeney

Janey Taylor

Ellie and Dick Taylor

George Taylor

Leslie C.Thomas

Melissa Vickers Thomas

Churchill and Simon Thompson

John and Nancy-LeeThompson

Geri Throne

Sheryl and Sean Tobin

Donna and Tommy Tran

Yvonne Traylor

Bonnie Trismen

Debra Turner

Sarah T. Pierson

Debbie Cunningham and Montje Plank

Virginia Poe

Leslie and Michael Poole

Penny Potter

Ann Louise Drake and Chris Potter

Helen and Dr. Steve Powell

Kevin Pribell

Dail Pribil

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Price

Maureen and Rich Rabazinski

Mary Randall

Frank Ravi

Roz and Roger Ray

Ellen Reckmeyer

Rohde Reckmeyer

Diane and Phil Reece

Kate Reich

Sheran and Paul Reich

Jan and John Reker

Donna and Barry Render

Austin Ricci

Kris Rivers

Frank Roark

Susan Roberts

Pat and Randy Robertson

Tracy and BrianRobinson

Robert Rogers

Louis Van Breeman

Nancy van den Berg

Ginger Van Valkenburgh

Judy and Lee Van Valkenburgh

Margie Varney

Mary Margaret and Gary Vasquez

Mary and Chuck Veurink

Sergio Von Schmeling

Laurie and Rick Wack

Jeanne and Roger Wall

Gae Walters

Sally and Taylor Ward

Dean Watts

Todd Weaver

Nancy Weber

Dr. Joanne Werntz

Amy Lowndes and John Wettach

Charley Williams

Sally Hall and Jack Williamson

Liz and Mark Winton

Lori Pearson-Wise and Daniel Wise

Sandy and Dick Womble

Kim Burst Wood

Sheryle and Michael Woodruff

Patty and Butch Wooten

Susie and John Yello

Jacqueline and William Young

Janet and Mike Young

Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka

Alison Yurko

Putting residents first



  • Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Seniors Housing 

  • Chief Operating Officer, CNL Retirement Properties 

  • Senior VP, Hyatt's Classic Residence by Hyatt retirement communities 

  • Construction Engineer, Georgia Power Company

  • Degree in civil engineering with honors, from Georgia Tech

Executive and Business Experience

Phil Serving on a panel at an industry conference

City and Civic Service​

  • Winter Park City Commissioner, 2008 to 2011

    • ​Saved the City millions by refinancing bonds

    • Refused to cut Police and Fire staffing levels

    • Launched policies that grew our reserves from
      $2 million in 2008 to $17 million today

  • Board Member and Finance Chair, Legacy Pointe at UCF (a non-profit retirement community) 

  • Former Finance Board Member, Westminster Retirement Communities 

Phil volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

Member and Supporter

  • Winter Park Land Trust

  • Albin Polasek Museum and Gardens

  • Winter Park History Museum 

  • Joe R. Lee Boys & Girls Club of Eatonville

Phil and Jennifer with their blended family

Phil grew up a missionary kid in the Philippines before returning to the U.S for college. Phil and his wife Jennifer have lived in Winter Park for 20+ years where they raised their blended family of four children.


Protect our City's Charm and Character

Keep Our City Financially Strong

Put residents first at

City Hall

Phil supporting the League of Women Voters efforts to register voters at the WP Community Center

Phil with his wife Jennifer dining in Winter Park

 Thaddeus Seymour with Phil, his wife Jennifer, and their daughter Kimberly at an Eatonville Boys & Girls Club event 

Phil enjoying the Winter Park St. Patrick's Day parade as City Commissioner

Select All That Apply




Phil Anderson for Winter Park Mayor

1621 Roundelay Lane

Winter Park, FL 32789




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Please make check payable to Phil for Mayor of WP

Send to: 

Phil Anderson for WP Mayor

1621 Roundelay Lane

Winter Park, FL 32789

*MAX Amount allowed is $1000 per individual 

*MAX allowed $1000 per individual 

Thank you very much for contributing to my campaign!

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Thank you very much for contributing to my campaign!!!

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Vote March 9th 2021

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