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Winter Park's Playing Fields Must Be A Priority

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Since announcing my candidacy for Mayor a few months ago, I’ve talked with hundreds of residents. One of the issues I hear about often is the need to maintain and improve our playing fields. I agree. My children played soccer and lacrosse on these fields. I want our kids today and future generations to have the same great experiences my children had.

I’m thrilled that Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio is leading the long-overdue effort to “advance fund” a decade of capital improvements into 2021. On Wednesday night, the City Commission voted to approve this funding on the first reading.

As a City Commissioner from 2008 to 2011, I led several initiatives that increased our City reserves from $2 million to the $17 million we have today. At the same time, I also protected Cady Way Park and made sure we invested in Howell Branch Park.

As a finance executive, these are the kinds of investment decisions I have made my entire career and will continue to do so as your Mayor.

If elected, I will make sure our public playing fields get the attention they deserve. Our children and grandchildren shouldn’t have to wait a decade to get these fields in shape.

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